Soukya Sadan

Soukya Sadan

Soukya Sadan Home for the Aged

The Geriatric Care Home named Soukya Sadan was established in the year 1993, and has completed 26 years of fruitful existence benefiting hundreds of destitute people. The Silver Jubilee celebrations of the home were inaugurated on 2nd October 2018 at Chethicode. The old age home is functioning well to the benefit and welfare of 50 inmates. The home is presently run independently with the contributions and own fund of the organization. Soukya Sadan provides the inmates with personal care and medical services in their loneliness and critical stage in life.

Activities of Soukya Sadan

  • medical care,
  • day care and residential facilities,
  • dispensary services,
  • counseling support and
  • Socio-cultural programs.

In addition to this, the Home provides care to the elderly in the village named Chethicode. World old age day and common festivals are celebrated under the auspices of the home well with the participation of the local community.

All the inmates of the Soukya Sadan live and experience happiness and peace in this abode of warm atmosphere. So far more than 252 aged people are provided with personal care and attention along with accommodation. 55 elderly people had peaceful death after becoming members of this centre. Many were resettled with their families. Thus the old age home is rendering outstanding services to the old people in our society.

Soukya Sadan Training Institute:

Conduct training programmes for field workers, community workers, social workers, religious and clergy. Collaborate with government and non-governmental agencies in awareness programmes on Geriartic Social Work.

Research & Clinical Internship:

Collaborate with professionals in research on mental health and provide facilities for internship for social workers and health professionals.