Environment & Natural Resource Management

Environment & Natural Resource Management

Sustainable Agriculture Promotion

Majority of the people in Kerala depends on agriculture operations for their sustenance and income. WSE gives very importance to the agriculture development programs and supporting farmers to continue their farm level activities sustainably. Through this, it aims to reduce rural poverty by improving agricultural production systems in a holistic way. This is done through capacity building approach, production system improvement and promoting livelihood development. This would directly impact the lives of hundreds of poor farmers in the target community. The major activities include:

  • Training programs on agriculture
  • Supply of farm inputs and implements through outlets at a reasonable rate
  • Supply of quality seeds and seedlings
  • Marketing support through village platforms
  • Village Fest and Melas
  • Distribution of information materials on agriculture
  • Establishing linkages with local Agriculture offices for technical support

Annamthodi Watershed Development Project – Thatchanattukara Grama Panchayath

The Watershed development project implemented at Thachanattukara Grama Panchayath with the support of Western Ghat Development Cell (WGDP) in the Planning and Economic Affairs Department is nearing completion. All the activities in the project accomplished by Welfare Services Ernakulam using a watershed committed formed in the Panchayath for the project.. The Agriculture development is monitoring the program in Annamthodi Watershed in Thachanattukara Grama Panchayath in Palakkad District. The major components of the project are:

  • Natural resource management
  • Production system management
  • Livelihood support system

The implementation of Western Ghat Development Program in Annamthodi watershed has created many changes in the area and the community is enjoying the benefits. The watershed development is slowly creating remarkable changes in the key sectors and definitely the project will become another feather in the cap of Welfare Services Ernakulam.

Major Impacts of the Project in the Watershed Area:

  • Renovated 297 open wells in the watershed area by deepening and removing silt.
  • Promoted the organic kitchen farming by installing 27 drip irrigation system in different parts of the watershed and distributing grow bags to 233 landless households.
  • 199 soak pits were constructed
  • Promoted the application of organic manure by distributing 27560 kg of goat manure and 29250 Kg of Neam cake to the farmers in the watershed area.
  • Distributed 1550 units of backyard poultry and helped the community to solve the nutrition problem identified in the PRA exercises.
  • Promoted intercrop cultivation through creating strong awareness in the community and assisting 379 farmers with budget allocation of Rs.532148/-.
  • 8 heifers were distributed to the low income group beneficiaries as a means of promoting their livelihood.
  • 8 coconut climbing machines were distributed as the promotion of livelihood among the low income groups of the community.
  • The centri petal terracing (CPT) project was implemented by the PIA at a total cost of Rs. 1,266,569.00. 242 farmers were received the benefit.
  • 215 rainwater harvesting structures were installed in the watershed area to solve the drinking water scarcity.
  • Constructed 19 Gully plugs in the watershed area to prevent erosion and to settle sediments and pollutants. Rs. 233,900.00 is used to complete the project
  • 10 vermi-compost manufacturing units were established in the watershed area as a demonstration.
  • 45 cattle sheds were constructed as a part of WGDP with the technical guidance of concerned LSGD.
  • 5628 units of agro horticulture were distributed to 804 families with an objective of strengthening the vegetative cover of the watershed area.
  • 119 families were assisted by providing tailoring machines as a part of livelihood promotion. Rs.653, 293.00 was used to implement the project.
  • 22 grass cutting machines were distributed to strengthen the income generation capacity of the landless people.
  • 38 subsurface dykes were also constructed in the streams of the watershed area

Climate Adaptive Agriculture Development Program with the Support of Kf W-NABARD:

Another important project implemented by Welfare Services Ernakulam in Thatchanattukara Panchayath is the climate adaptive agriculture development program with the support of NABARD. It is a three year program and the initial activities are started in the project area under the leaders Village Watershed Committee and the project team of WSE. The survey and preparation and DSR are completed now and the project implementation will be initiated soon. The project is continuation of the project already implemented by NABARD under National Holistic Watershed Development Program.

The major components of the project are the following:

Participatory need
assessment and DSR
Capacity Building
Climate adaptive

Project Achievements as on now:

  • 1490 meters of Earthen Bunds constructed with an objective of soil and water conservation in the Nattukal watershed area.
  • 1000 meters of field bund was constructed to promote the paddy cultivation in the watershed.
  • 15 rain water harvesting units were already installed and 30 units are in progress. It includes both bore well and open- well recharging structures.
  • 6 units of sub surface dykes were completed using a budget allocation of Rs.138, 000.00.
  • Completed 70 units of soil health testing and soil health card distribution.
  • Distributed 15,240 Kg of bio fertilizer to the farmers to promote the organic farming.
  • The implementation of bamboo cultivation is in progress in 5 plots.
  • 101 units of nutrition garden/BMP Pariwar projects were completed by covering 101 families.
  • 10 Units of Fruit Forestry were completed.
  • Implementation of 100 units of apiculture/Bee keeping.