Habitat Development & Sanitation

Habitat Development & Sanitation

During the reporting year, WSE has implemented two major programs under its Habitat and Sanitation Department with the objective of improving the living conditions of the poor and vulnerable communities. The major programs implanted by the organization are:

Housing for the Shelterless

This project was implemented with the financial support of Syro-Malabar Catholic Association of Kuwait. Under this project, 25 poor families from different areas of Archdiocese were identified for the construction of their houses. An amount of Rs.100,000/- was released to the 25 beneficiary families according to the progress of the work in installment. All the beneficiaries have completed the construction work and live with dignity in their new homes.

SAFP Golden Jubilee Year Special Housing Project

Another housing project implemented by the organization for the benefit of the poor families who are living in vulnerable situation is the Special Housing Scheme implemented with the financial support of Save A Family Plan. The financial supported was mobilized from Save A Family Plan and 25 poor families were selected and the construction of these houses are nearing completion. An amount of Rs.200,000/- per family is contributed by Save A Family Plan. The project was launched on March 22, 2019 by Mar Sebastian Adayanthrath, President of Welfare Services Ernakulam at function held at Sahrudaya Auditorium, Ponnurunni. All the beneficiaries have taken up the construction and nearing completion.

SYDMAL Housing

As part of the flood rehabilitation program, Sahrudaya associated with Sydney Malayalee Association for the construction of house for the victims of flood in Kadamakkudy village in Ernakulam District of Kerala. SYDMAL extended an amount of Rs.400,000/- to each selected beneficiary and the construction of the houses were done under the close supervision of the local parish team under the leadership of the Fr. Baiju Chakiath. This helped to complete construction of new houses for six (6) poor families in the water logged area of Kadamakkduy.

V Guard Housing Project

Another prestigious project implemented by the organization is the construction of 5 houses in Malappuram District of Kerala. V Guard Foundation is the funding partner for this project and it was implemented as a CSR activity of the foundation under the banner “Stand With Kerala” program. The selection and implementation of the housing project was done in association with the Village Office of Pullippadam in Nilambur area of Malappuram District.

Sl. No. Name of Beneficiary Address Village Ward No. House No.
1 Abu Madari Madari (H) Beembungal Mampad P O Pullippadam 10 79
2 Aminakutty Chelambadan Chelambadan (H) Tana Mampad P O Pullippadam 10 123
3 Aminakutty Puliyangodan Puliyakkodan (H) Tana Mampad P O Pullippadam 10 235
4 Kurumbi Poliyappara (H) Karikkattumanna Pullippadam P O Pullippadam 1 227
5 Raman Poliyappara (H) Karikkattumanna Pullippadam P O Pullippadam 1 226

Habitat Housing Project

Welfare Services Ernakulam in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity India constructed 14 new houses and repair of 15 fully damaged houses in the flood affected areas of Ernakulam district. The project has benefited 29 poor families who were heavily hit by the Kerala Flood 2018. The implementation of these project has been a great achievement to the organization as it was the result of new partnership with Habitat for Humanity India. The disaster resistant houses were constructed as per the specifications of the agency and it was built within the approved budget by Welfare Services Ernakulam.

Malabar Housing Project

The housing project was designed and implemented with the funds raised by the organization through its local parishes as a result of the call for supporting the victims of flood and landslides in the Malabar region of Kerala. The project was implemented through the 9 Diocesan Social Service Societies in the region and it was fully a local context based project. An amount of 100 lakhs was pooled locally and spent for the Rebuild Kerala program through the participation of the DSSS. The societies participated in the program are

Special Projects
ERIN Program

WSE collaborates with Caritas India as a local partner of ERRIN program since 2013. The project mainly aims at the repartition of the people who have to discontinue abroad due to changing policies of the respective governments. Previously, the activities of the project included the following:

  • The organization arranges viable occupational rehabilitation services focusing on regular income to the clients. Besides it tries to build confidence and self esteem of the returnees.
  • Counseling and guidance support are done to ensure effective reintegration and rehabilitation

During the reporting period, there were three returnees under this scheme and they are extended all the necessary support for setting up their own individual income generation units as part of reintegration.

Jalanidhi Project for Drinking Water Supply

Welfare Services Ernakulam, as the Support Organization (SO) for the World Bank financed water supply scheme of Government of Kerala, has implemented Jalanidhi Project under Phase II. The main objective of the project is to assist Government of Kerala (GoK) in improving the quality of rural water supply and improve environmental sanitation.

The project was implemented in in Kuttippuram Grama Panchayath in three schemes – One BWSS and two small schemes. It is the third project undertaken by Welfare Services Ernakulam has benefitted nearly 4000 families directly.

Scheme AS Amount TS Amount Project Expenditure GOK Share GP Sahre BG Share
Kankampuzha Kadavu WSS 125,00,000 120,37,100 126,96,982 99,10,013 16,70,973 11,15,996
AMSJKP Maniyamkad 16,00,000 15,50,000 15,76,416 11,93,430 226,732 153,254
BWSS Kuttippuram 850,00,000 850,00,000 774,41,956
Kerala Labour Movement

The activities of KLM are implemented in the Archdiocese by Sahrudaya. Through KLM, the unorganized labours in various fields in the Archdiocesan area are mobilized as per the guidelines of Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Conference. It tries to ensure welfare of the working class through social security programs, employment safety and protection by law. The various activities include: May Day celebrations were organized in Kaladay in collaboration with the farmers in villages.

  • Awareness building classes
  • Capacity building
  • Review Meeting at Diocesan level
  • Celebration of World Labour Day
  • Introduction of Insurance Schemes ( Social Security)
  • Remittance of contribution of Welfare Board