Rural Development

Rural Development

Child Development

Childhood development is so critical that it sets the foundation for lifelong learning process. The experiences of the children in their children shape their future. Hence it is very much important that every child has to enjoy his or her childhood days in a happy way. But there are number of children who face lot of adversaries in life including abuse, child labour, school dropout, hunger, trafficking etc. The actions done by WSE give thrust to the development of the children who are highly vulnerable nowadays.

The programs of WSE are to help understand the developmental concerns of children in the society and address the common issues to provide them with protective and learning environment. They are provided with opportunities to grow in an empowering environment. Keeping that in mind, we continued to our development of children and get equal opportunity in our communities. The major activities done during the reporting year includes:

Awareness creation
programs for children
on various issues
Children’s Clubs
at the village
Vocation Camps
and Life skill
Family Development Programs

Family development program is implemented for the last 56 years enabling over 25,000 poor families lead a self-reliant life. It is supported by Save A Family Plan and currently 350 poor families are on regular rolls for support. The assistance is transferred to their accounts based on five year and yearly plans. The project team facilitates timely and close monitoring of the planned measures by the beneficiary families through house visits, training and escort services. Periodical training, field visits, guidance for fund utilization and preparation of suitable economic activities are facilitated by the project team. This helps the beneficiaries to develop their capacity to plan and implement their economic and social development. The funds are used for infrastructure development activities, livelihood development promotion, education of children, treatment etc.

Charity & Jeevakarunya Programs

One of the important programs of Sahrudaya is the support to poor families who are not in the formal network systems of the civil society organizations. The financial supported is mobilized through parishes of the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly and is disbursed according to the applications received in the office. The poor beneficiaries of this program always remain sidelined and are highly vulnerable to lead a quality life. Jeevakarunya Nidhi of WSE gives prime importance in supporting this section of our society .

Sl Purpose Amount
1 Marriage 9,74,60,000
2 Treatment 23,16,54,500
3 Housing 5,15,000
4 Education 25,000
Light A Life & Sneha Foundation

One of the important and need-based programs implemented by WSE is the “Light A Life” project. It is a major pro-poor project initiated with the generous support of many philanthropists. It is a fully local resource based project and tries to reach out to those who are excluded from the mainstream social life. WSE is trying to address the vulnerabilities of these sections of the society through the following programs

support for the
poor students
Support to
able people
to elderly people
Railway Child Help Desk at Ernakulam supported by Ministry of Railways through Childline India Foundation:

Welfare Services Ernakulam is associating with the Ministry of Women and Children Development and the Ministry of Railways to take up the role of a Childline Partner at Ernakulam South Railway Station. Accordingly, a Child Help Desk is set up at South Railway Station, Ernakulam to involve in the activities of the Ministries with the intention to protect the rights and benefits of vulnerable children. 12 member team is appointed for the coordination of the activities of the child help desk.