Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Welfare Services Ernakulam has been actively involved in promoting social initiatives, addressing health, education, Livelihood, community health, and environmental causes using CSR fund from different the corporate. Our programs focus on creating social impact using corporate support from established Companies who contribute wholeheartedly to our causes. We treat their support is not a mere fulfilment of Corporate Social Responsibility but as a strong indication of the fact they are ready to give back to the society what they earn through their business. Our services ensure the corporate that they can meet their charity mandate through our community driven programs. It provides them an array of opportunities to be part of nation building in align with the Sustainable developmental Goals.

We also provide opportunities to facilitate employee engagement activities and volunteering.

Tax Exemption

The contributions made to the organization are exempted from tax under Section 80G of The Income Tax Act, 1961, and can provide companies an opportunity to donate funds towards our initiatives and projects while at the same time fulfilling their CSR obligations.