Community Based Rehabilitation

Community Based Rehabilitation

Welfare Services Ernakulam is promoting Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) for the last 19 years in the selected backward areas of its operation. It focuses on enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families; meeting basic needs; and ensuring inclusion and participation. Its approach is a multi-sect oral strategy that empowers persons with disabilities to access and benefit from education, employment, health and social services. CBR is implemented through the combined efforts of people with disabilities, their families and communities, and relevant government and non-government health, education, vocational, social service providers.

The right to health without discrimination is captured in various national and international instruments. Unfortunately the evidence shows that people with disabilities often experience poorer levels of health than the general population and face various challenges to the enjoyment of their right to health. Due to social stigma, most of the persons with disabilities are confined to their families without access to the mainstream social life. Education among the PWDs is very low because of the poor access to these institutions and in the absence of implementing provisions for the benefit of the persons with disabilities. The participation in the political process by the persons with disabilities is really poor as there are no efforts to organize them. Many of the government programs for the welfare of the disabled do not reach them as they are not part of the mainstream life. The allocation of the planning fund is not utilized for their development and therefore the overall situation of the persons with disabilities in the project area is miserable and need lot of concerted attention.

The project area is the operational villages coming under the Archdiocese of Ernkaulam-Angamaly. Sahrudaya currently implemented CBR programmes in over 25 Grama panchayaths. The programmes mainly focus on five areas - Health , Education, Livelihood ,social and empowerment

CBR – Operational Area

Block Operational Area
Angamaly Thruavoor, Ayampuzha, Mookanoor, Manjpara, Karukutty, Kanjoor, Kalady, Malayatoor, Neelswaram
Parakadavu Sreemoolanagaram Panchayth
Vypin Njarakal, Edavanakad, Kuzhupally, Nayaramabalam, Elamkunnapuzha, Pallipuram
Paravoor Vadakkekara, Chenamangalam, Chittatukkara,
Ernakulam Kochin Corporation,Cheranalloor, Thrikkakara municipality, Thripunithara, Kumbalam panchayth, Udayamperror Panchayath, Maradu Muncipality


Through this project ,we gave more importance to bringing improvement in health conditions of the children . We try to ensure that the needy children get the services of public health systems like PHCs & CHCs,, Medical Board , Taluk and District hospitals, District Mental Health Programme, Pain & Palliative system etc . Besides this , Sahrudaya supports the economically backward children for their medical , therapy and other rehabilitation expenses including aids & appliances and correction surgeries. A therapy centre is functioning progressively and effectively at Paravoor. 02 experienced and expert professionals and one supporting staffs are continuing their services. 183 persons have received supports of this centre.

Accessing local and other resources, Sahrudaya has made a remarkable and sincere attempt to mobilize resources for the rehabilitation of PWDs in health area. Attempts have been continued to link different supporting agencies for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities.


Sahrudaya gives special attention for ensuring the educational rights of children with Disabilities. We have a good collaboration with SSA and Special schools. Campaigns and awareness programmes are organizing to aware children, parents, Teachers and Community about the education rights of Children with disabilities.. Many children had been supported for different educational purposes- Inclusive, Special and Higher education.


People with disabilities need skills to engage in livelihood activities.Sahrudaya provides oppertunities to to children and adult with disabilities in vocational skills . Different types of skill training programmes are organizing for interested PWDs on umd brella making, cake & bakery , candle making , paper pen & bags,roary, artificial jewlry,dry flowere, bio farming and so on. We assist interested persons to take loans and Financial assistaces from different government agencies. Again we are trying to provide maximum opportunity for marketing their products through regional outlets and Onam , Christmas fairs.


People with disabilities face many barriers in society they often have fewer opportunities to participate in social activities. We work with all relevant stakeholders to ensure the full participation of PWDs in the social life of their families and communities. Supports and assistances are provided to persons with disabilities to enable them to access social opportunities, and can challenge stigma and discrimination to bring about positive social changes.


Empowerment is a complex process. It is not something that happens immediately,or that can be given to some one. Change must start with people with disabilities shifting their mind set from being passive receivers to active contributors. This shift in thinking is important for overcoming the attitudinal, institutional and physical barriers that is present in the community. Sahrudaya facilitate this process by raising awareness, providing information, building capacity and encouraging participation,which can lead to greater control and decision making. We takes facilitation roles for convening special Grama Sabha meeting for the persons with Disabilities. Steps are taken to motivate the PWDs to make use of the opportunity for their benefits and making use of the government resources Sahrudaya with the support of DPOs is playing active roles in monitoring the utilization of 3 % Panchayath fund and also taken membership in Panchayath working groups .

Special Programmes

Sahrudaya Ability Fest

In association with international day of disability, the NGO has been conducting a programme namely Sahrudaya Ability Fest in every year.The motto of the celebration is to sensitize the community on the different abilities of persons with disabilities. Many experts have attending in the meetings and sharing their views in the programme. As part of public sensitization, awareness creation programs also be organized. Many arts and sports competitions also be conducting for children with disabilities as part of the day celebration. Hundreds of children from special schools have participating in the programmes. Prizes and trophies are given to them. Some times motivation classes also be given to the participants by the experts.

Kochi Blind Walk

As part of International Sight Day, an awareness program was conducted at Kochi city in collaboration with Catholic Health Association of India, Kochi and Project Vision Bangalore . A Rally was conducted, as folding the eyes of participants and led by blind persons, for creating awareness on accessibility and need of eye donation. About 350 persons had attended in the programme.

State Award for CBR programmes

The State Award for the year 2015 for the best institution involved in rehabilitation services was received by Welfare Services Ernakulam from the Social Justice Department of Kerala Government as recognition for the Rehabilitation activities. It has helped as an inspiration for strengthening its CBR programs.
Thus Welfare Services Ernakulam has been actively involved in diverse activities in the rehabilitation of the persons with disabilities in its area of operation. The overall aim of these programs is to create an enabling environment for PWDs in the establishment of an inclusive society.

Other projects

SLF CHAI Project

Welfare Services Ernakulam is successfully implementing LF CHAI project since last 27 years. Till now 1554 children had supported under this programme. The main areas of rehabilitation like medication, therapy services, support for assistive devices, environment creation for accessibility, inclusive education, special education, vocational training, and higher education support are included in the program. It is implemented according to the above mentioned WHO -CBR concept.

Sneha Mental Health Programme

Stigma and discrimination against people with mental health problems is widespread and affects all areas of life including personal, home and family life, and even peoples ability to maintain a basic standard of living. Sahrudaya provides special attention for ensuring regular medical treatment for the poor persons with mental illness. 328 persons have been supported with medicines since last 20 years. Education programmes about the condition and treatment, counseling, individual and group psychotherapy and family interventions also be the part of programme.

Community Health Programme

Increasing morbidity rate and spread of lifestyle related disorders are growing to newer statistics everyday. For the lower and middle class families health interventions such as diagnosis, tratments ,and medications require out of pocket payments. The community health division of Sahrudaya is engaged in the protection of traditional knowledge and promotion of sustainable health care practices among the people in the villages.

Sahrudaya Melodies

Sahrudaya Melodies, the music band promoted by Sahrudaya have formed by differently abled persons as a way of developing self esteem, raising awareness of disabling barriers, and building solidarity among their community . Again it provides some employment opportunities to the artists. It is worth mentioning that the troop had successfully completed 100 stage shows in the last year and had mobilized funds to help the victims of Ockhi and cancer patients.

Therapy Center

One basic facility centre is established at N. Paravoor and this unit is functioning to the benefit of many children and other persons with disabilities making use of therapy facilities. Therapists and other support staff are continuing services to Children with disabilities. The services provided include physiotherapy, audio-therapy and speech therapies with the support of aids and equipments in a systematic way.