Building Resilient Communities


Communities in the selected Flood affected Wards of Alanagad Grama Panchayath are resilient to future disasters . 70 % households have improved their coping mechanisms and reduced exposure to different hazards through adequate DRR activities

  • Men, women, children, elderly, special groups and other categories of people in 10 geographically, socially, economically and environmentally vulnerable wards of Alangad Panchayath have increased capacity to withstand untoward events through disaster awareness programs
  • Data on the 10 wards are collected and documented for the preparation of villages contingency plans.
  • Village Disaster Management committees are formed and functional in 10 wards
  • Disaster management teams like Early Warning, Rescue , First Aid, Village Patrol teams are formed and functional
  • Trained Volunteers in Disaster Response activities are active in the selected wards
  • 90 Caritas Samaritans/ Village Committee members are trained on DRR and they are capacitated to train others.

Approach or way of functioning
The project will be implemented with the active participation of the target community and with the support of the Local Self Government. The vulnerable people in the project area including women, children, aged and the persons with disabilities will be given special focus and they will be motivated to participate in the project activities. The services of the experts in disaster management will be availed to support the project for achieving its planned objectives. Capacity building of the target community in responding to disasters will be a thrust area of the project. They will be provided with training and exposure to develop their confidence, skill and knowledge to respond to the critical situations. Creating a team of volunteers to serve the community will be another strategy. Preparation of the contingency plans and mock drills will be organized to build capacities of the people and the leaders. Formation of the committees and task groups will be another strategy to ensure the attainment of the planned objectives

List of activities

  • PDRA at the village level (VCA analysis)
  • Formation of Village Disaster Management Committees
  • Development of village contingency and development plan and integration in the Panchayat Annual Plan
  • Formation and Strengthening of Village/cluster level Task force- Early Warning, Search & Rescue, First Aid & Camp Management
  • Training of first responders
  • Sensitization and Training on Rights & Entitlements on DRR, DM Policy
  • Conduct school level DRR activities with children- Mock Drills, Awareness on Disaster, capacity building of school children on first aid
  • End-line and documentation of good practices and dissemination
  • Half Yearly review meeting and capacity building of volunteers
  • Coordination and advocacy

Early warning announcements in disaster clinic areas
Welfare Services Ernakulam (Sahrudaya) implemented Disaster Clinics in Alangad panchayath with the support of Caritas India in August,2020 . Mrs Radhamani Jaysingh(President,Alangad panchayath) flag off the early warning announcement vehicle in the Panchayath office. Rev Fr Joseph Koluthuvellil (Director,Sahrudaya) inaugurated the function. The panchayath is situated in the flood prone area and the vehicle covers all the twenty one wards of the panchayath. The announcement includes the warnings and precautions related to the monsoon preparedness, corona virus, alerts and about the emergency kits. The announcement was on the “Orange Alert” day and Mr Jose Gopurathingal (ward member) comments its very useful for the people in community. Mr Anandhu Shaji (DRR,project coordinator) said that the announcements was in different languages and that is helpful to the migrant communities.

Sudhaar – Migrant Welfare Project
In 2019,September Welfare Services Ernakulam started a migrant welfare project named “SUDHAAR” with the support of Caritas India. To improve the living conditions of migrant workers in the selected areas of the Ernakulam district , enable them enjoy better socio economic status and provide support service for addressing their issues and needs .As part of the Sudhaar program we started a migrant resource center named “PRAVASI BANDHU” in Ernakulam .

Main Objectives

  • Data Survey of migrants
  • Legal aid support
  • Vocational training and education
  • Medical and healthcare services
  • Cultural celebrations to promote inclusion
  • On job accompaniment support