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Impact of Covid-19 Response Programmes of Sahrudaya

In response to today’s catastrophic situatons, Welfare Services Ernakulam has initiated innumerable impactful activities aimed at providing services relates to safety of people.

At the outset, Welfare services Ernakulam is collaborating with the Government and with various other departments covering health, police and other govt officials who are attentively serving the people.

Additionally, packed food kits were distributed to migrants who are unable to keep their normal life on account of the present situation.

Safety equipment’s were distributed to medical professional in government hospitals and police departments to ensure their safety and to prevent further transmission of virus.

During these times of lockdown, we also pray for the safety and speedy recovery of all infected and may all undertake safety measures to ensure the health and well-being in ourselves.

If you wish to extend your help with us and those affected, you can be a member.

Coronavirus Relief Services

Supplies and Equipment - Support to Hospitals with safety measures like, disposables and other essential medical equipments
Food Essentials support

Food Kit/Dry Ration Kit material support to daily wage labours/families monthly.
Medical Aid

General donation to Welfare services Ernakulum for the afflicted
PHASE- 1 Covid-19 Response Programme.
Sl No Programme indicators Total Numbers
01 total people reached 54,99096
02 migrants benefited 63,657
03 psychosocial Support given 18,35232
04 dry ration kits distributed 5,61,220
05 community kitchens operated 207
06 people fed through community kitchens 4,90,730
07 masks distributed 41,58,684
08 sanitizers distributed 4,67121
09 hygiene kits distributed 2,62865
10 volunteers involved 46,425
11 Awareness program total people covered 370705
12 Grocery items distributed 23,504
13 Public space disinfections installed 122
14 Distribution of TV for online study 750
15 Trained volunteers 1450
16 Volunteers for covid-19 death burial 140
PHASE- 2 Covid-19 Response Programme.
Sl No Project Indicators Total Numbers
01 Number of total people reached out in the Diocese 48581
02 Number of patients given ambulance services 21
03 Number of people fed in the Diocese 963
04 Number of dry ration kits distributed 17932
05 Number of people given medical support 235
06 Number of people given Psycho-social support 12
07 Number of people given doctor consultation through Telemedicine 11
08 Number of people fed through “Madurakani” Project 8500
09 Number of masks distributed 16680
10 sanitizers distributed to people 1260
11 No of hygiene kits (not including sanitizers) distributed 3150
12 Number of Plastic Sacks distributed to Tauktae cyclone affected areas. 4000
13 No. of Samaritan force newly formed 199
14 No of Trainings conducted 3
15 No of Samaritan Task Force members participated in the burial of the dead affected by Covid. 65
16 No of burials assisted by the Samaritan Task force Team in the last week 5
17 No of total burials assisted by the Samaritan Task Force Team 264
18 Number of volunteers involved with COVID-19 Relief works other than Samaritan Task force. 225
19 Number of total volunteers in the Samartian Task Force Team 1200
20 Number of Care Homes were supported with Covid Preventive Kit(Sterilizing Gun, Oximeter, PPE Kit, Mask and Gloves) 45
21 Number of Educational Kits distributed to School Children 485
22 Number of Pulse Oximeter distributed 889
Glimpses to innovative approaches by Welfare Services Ernakulam
Madurakkani Program

This is an innovative program implemented by the organization as part of ensuring food security to the people especially the vulnerable groups is the supply of fruits and vegetables collected from the villages and shared to vulnerable people in another village.

Haritha Samrudhi

With the objective of promoting agriculture among the people who are at home during the lockdown, Sahrudaya has started a new program called Haritha Samrudhy. The idea is to make people self-sufficient in vegetable production needed for their kitchen and day to day use