Case Study

Case Study

Faces of Pravasibandhu Migrant Research Centre
Praveen Kumar (Name changed) a guest worker from Motihari district, Bihar. He is working in a wholesale chicken market which is located at Thripunithura Muncipality. He hails from a poor family background. During the second wave of pandemic, he was diagnosed with Covid-19, and he was under treatment at his rented home by the support of his employer. Also, He was under mental pressure because of his illness and worried about his wife who was pregnant. His house owner gave food kits for his family in the crisis, but he was worried about the chance of his family members getting covid positive. Pravashibandhu’s timely intervention and material support enriched his life during this pandemic.
Helping hand to the needy
Mrs. Thresiamma (Renamed) is a home maker. She is from a village near Vypin in Ernakulam District of Kerala. She is earning daily by tailoring and other small works. Due to this Covid Pandemic, She has no work to earn income for her family. Continuous Lock down and other restrictions were also made their life more pathetic than before. More than that, there are other financial issues facing by their family. At this point of miseries, with the help of Habitat for Humanity India, NOMURA and Sahrudaya distributed Family Essential Kit and Hygiene Kit to their family. The kit contains 14 items including rice provisions and cleaning materials. In this difficult situation it was very helpful to them to get a kit like this, and it can use for two months. Now they are very much happy after attaining such a big — nutritious and useful Family Essential Kit. We saw the happiness in her face. They got relief from their difficult situation. They are grateful to Habitat for Humanity India, NOMURA and Sahrudaya for helped them to overcome the struggling situation.
Journey to Self Sufficiency through Rice Cultivation
Molly Varghese hails from a poor family and became a beneficiary of Family Development Programs of Welfare Services Ernakulam in August, 2014. Molly became a daily wage worker when her husband died in an accident in 2010. Gradually, she understood that she cannot have a better life with this little income and she was not able to meet the basic needs of her family. She was also in debt due to medical treatment of her deceased husband. With the help from Sahrudaya, through the Save A Family Plan Program, Molly was able to take up Paddy Cultivation on a leased land as an income generating activity. Besides, she worked as housemaid in the neighbourhood. She also started goat rearing to supplement her income. Thus Molly has been able to enhance her family income through different activities. Furthermore, with local government funding of 2 Lakh Rupees, Molly was able to build a small, secure home for her family.