Skill Development

Skill Development

Skill development programs are implemented by the organization with the support of Government and non-government agencies in order to create employment opportunities for unemployed youth by providing them with occupational and skill trainings. Some of the basic areas of skill development programmes of sahrudaya as follows;

  • Agriculture
  • Beauty care
  • Health and Care
  • Food Processing
  • Handicraft
Sl No Type of training Beneficiaries
1 Agriculture (Poultary, Rabbit, Kitchen Garden, Organic farming, Jasmine Cultivation, Mashroom) 12330
2 Beauty Care (Ornaments making, Beautician training) 1588
3 Health Care (Soap and Dittergent making, Yoga training, Reusable cottan pad) 2981
4 Food Processing( Cake making, Jam&Jelly making, Pickle making, honey processing 4315
5 Handicraft ( Umbrella making, Coir making, Hand embroidery, Led bulb making, candle making, flower making, paper bag, mat making,tailoring,rosary making) 10183