How We Have Grown

How We Have Grown
2001 - 2002
  • In 2002 Wesco credit of Welfare Services was initiated and its regional offices were started at ANGAMALY and VAIKOM
  • The SANGAMAM Fest of base level partners of Welfare Services ERNAKULAM was conducted on 14th September. It was the inauguration of “Karmashree Self Employment program and the launching of official website of welfare service and also inaugurated loan disbursement, released guidelines for farmers named “Susthira Krishi Sundara Bhavi.
  • From the educational sponsorship programme 5 of the students or the beneficiaries have been placed for job and started repaying the amount
  • In connection with natural resource management programme Sahrudaya organized “Jaivakarshikamela” with the participation of 1200 bio farmers also established Sahrudaya agricultural nursery and seed bank
  • Major attainments from reproductive and child health programme were, under the organized community mass campaign against AIDS were conducted. It also organized interventions in 10 women, 2 men and 4girl . Medical camps were organized in the leading hospitals of ERNAKULAM and an average of 130 individuals participated in it.
  • Health insurance programme has started during this year with an objective to provide timely assistance for health hazards of targeted population
  • Under rural technology application a programme called Rain drops has started to minimise the problem of water scarcity existing in the operational areas of the organization
  • Habitat development which promote cost effective housing and sanitation facilities, done many admirable programmes which includes, jubilee housing for500, rural housing at Njarakkal for 37, SPSD house repairs and SPSD latrines constructions for 200 and 30 individuals.
  • Gender and entrepreneurship development department implemented a program called “Karmashree Self Employment Programme “aimed to promote employment opportunities for unemployed youth and women in rural settings.
  • Soukyasadan is an institution for old ones which conducted a total of 147 medical camps during this year.
2006 – 2007
  • Natural resource management department of sahrudaya welfare agency during the year conducted several programmes like capacity building programmes for farmers which gave them technical support in farming. The next major programme was farmer’s platforms which aimed to create awareness and group formation of the farmers.
  • In the year 2006 at Manickamangalam, implemented appropriate watershed management activities to address the issue of water shortage for both drinking and irrigation purpose.
  • Under the rain drop programme agency were able to construct 236 rainwater harvesting of different capacities.
  • Organized four sponsor level meetings. Three meetings were organized in the regions and one was in the central level.
  • Under habitat development programmes, on this year loan schemes were implemented with the support of HDFC
  • In community health settings awareness programmes for the prevention of TB, cataract, jaundice and chikkun guinea were conducted along with medical camps.
  • Supported 225 mental patients and conducted volunteer training programmes
  • Outcomes of entrepreneurship development programme, 833 families started IGP and conducted a total of 38 training programmes.
  • Community based disaster preparedness programmes are implemented in three coastal panchayaths of Kuzuppilly, Nayarambalam and Njarakkal.
  • Suraksha project for the protection of women against trafficking has implemented in Narakkal, Kuzhuppilly and Nayarambalam.
2008 – 2009
  • With the support of indo-global social service society, an Eco- shop started in sahrudaya campus during the year.
  • Under rural technology applications conducted 25 training programmes, 49 awareness classes, installed 4 solar water heater and 402 bio gas plants etc.
  • One central and four regional level training programmes were conducted for the mediators of save A family plan programmes.
  • 2 orientation and induction programmes were conducted for the newly enrolled beneficiaries.
  • Under community health programmes several medical camps, eye camps, diabetic camps, piles camp, counselling and awareness for high school children and health awareness class were conducted.
  • CBDP conducted TFC trainings, awareness for children, motivation and awareness classes and interface programme with PRI’s during this year.
  • Under suraksha project, formed Balapanchayath, CVGs and provided training for them.
  • New watershed development projects were approved by NABARD in Palakkad.
2009 – 2010
  • Established Banana village under institutional development programmes and set up 101 rural marts.
  • Launched Sneha foundation and formally established regional offices.
  • Given Orientation on domestic violence act.
  • Conducted Bakshyasamridhi regional meet and prabodini leaders meet.
  • A community based rehabilitation programme supported by donors for disabled ones has started in January to improve situation of persons with disabilities.
  • Jeevanmadhur scheme implemented in collaboration with LIC of india. The scheme was started in janaury.
2012- 2013
  • Attended world CBR congress at Agra.
  • Launched organ donation campaign and karunya villas-2
  • Launched sahurdayasparshan.
  • Many training programmes like umbrella making, ornaments making, rosary making were conducted.
  • During this year 1054 tanks were distributed to people as part of waste management.
  • Launched the programme “Harithajeevan”. The formal inauguration was done by Mar Thomas Chakiath on May 19.
  • Organized 5th edition of India international food and agri expo from February 22 to 25 at Jawaharlal Nehru international stadium ground cochin.
  • As part of sahurdayasparshan program WSE has promoted a music group consisting of person with disabilities during the year.
  • World disability day was celebrated as ability day at paravoor from 2nd – 3rd December.
  • Started Jalanidhi rural water supply and sanitation in January 12 which is supported by kerala government and is facilitated by welfare service Ernakulam in kuttipuram.
  • Jalanidhi project again officially inaugurated in TV PURAM on march 8, 2013
2013- 2014
  • Launched cancer care campaign.
  • Launched western ghat development project at Thachanattukara Gramapanchayath
  • Launched a new project called Sahrudaya Vighyan program and energy park. This project mainly aims to transfer environmental knowledge to students and energy park is to provide them practical experiences. It was inaugurated on 20th August 2013.
  • Under Prabodhini life skill development programme adolescent girls and their parents from 213 villages were sensitized.
  • Formed 686 adolescent girls club.
  • In connection with jalanidhi project conducted house campaigns, baseline surveys, cluster meetings and formation and registration of SLEC.
2014 – 2015
  • Launched Asakiranam cancer care and prevention campaign on march 8. It enhanced awareness among the target community in 100 villages about cancer and unsafe health practises.
  • Welfare service got national recognition for its excellence in animation and microfinance interventions.
  • Under habitat development programmes constructed 130 houses and renovated 16 houses.
  • Conducted awareness programmes for TB.
  • A special edition of sahurdayajalakom was established and distributed in December.
  • World ability day celebrated on 2nd December at sahurdaya auditorium.
  • The postal department has released a special cover on WSE for acknowledging its valuable contributions on development sector during philatelic exhibition named KOCHI PEX – 2014.
  • Started a new e – news division in Facebook to share stories and case studies to large audience.
  • Conducted a programme called “Gramotsavam”,which aimed to mobilize village community and as a result mobilized entire people in 31 villages.
  • Inaugurated basic facility centre at kacheripad , north Parur on 6th July 2015.
  • Office of Kerala labour movement functioning under the kerala catholic bishops conference was opened in sahrudaya campus.
  • Started regional office at cherthala and paravoor.
2015 – 2016
  • Conducted golden jubilee celebration from 5th to 11th October 2015 at Marine Drive Kochi with seminars, cultural events and public meetings.
  • Organized sahurdayakalotsavam for members of SHG.
  • A programme called sahurdayasmruthy conducted to honour ex directors and leaders of the organization.
  • Sahurdayakera project launced as part of jubilee year. Coconut plants were given to all parishes
  • Samarpithasangamam a meeting of the former directors and sisters was organized on 23rd July.
  • The special activities earmarked under the year of mercy were inaugurated at soukyasadachethicode on 8th December
  • A new insurance programme sahrudayakarunya insurance program was launched on 15th February. It is to help people struggling with increased cost of medical treatments and health care.
  • Conducted a waste management programme at arayankavu in collaboration with local resident’s association.
  • Inaugurated sahrudaya family mart at ponnurunni.
  • Published book ‘Golden Wings of Change’
  • Conducted NABARD exhibition on womens day at thiruvanathupuram.
  • Launched sparshan melodies
  • Organized sahrudayaagri food expo at regional level.